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  • Year End Feedback - How fast and frequently should you ask?
    Your future is determined by how fast and how frequently you ask for feedback. It’s that time of year when it’s tempting to put life into overdrive, rush through the holidays and crash land into the new year, right? And if you’re anything like me, it’s tempting to let one year just roll into the next… then wonder why it looks like the one before and you’re still in the same place with those goals and intentions you set over 300 days ago… What if this year you took the time to ask for FEEDBACK? More often than not, this asking for feedback is going to be something you ask of yourself first…and then from others. Here are some questions to get you started… HEALTH: Weight loss, weight management, fitness Are you eating well? Are you doing what it will take to get results? Are you being consistent? Is it working? What results are you seeing? What would make it even better? LIFE: Time management, relationships, personal growth Are you setting goals? Are you being intentional? Are you time blocking what’s most important? Is it working? Are you where you want to be? What would make it even better? BUSINESS: Increasing income, duplication, work-life balance Are you doing income producing activity? Are you creating systems that are sustainable? Are you setting boundaries around your time? Is it working? Are you growing personal freedom? What would make it even better? And guess what- you don’t have to wait for the New Year! You can do this as often as you want…and the more often you do, the more results you’ll see. So right now, take a min to pause. Pick one area. Set a timer. Ask yourself for feedback. And when you finish, ask someone else for feedback. Get good at asking questions. Your future is determined by how fast and how frequently you ask for feedback. Complete this Personal Wellness Assessment to learn more Speaking of which, I’d love your feedback… What content do you like to see? What content would you like to see more of? What would make my service to you even better? Leave me a comment- it would mean the world to have your feedback. *credit for my opening line goes to Elizabeth Benton…go check out her podcast Primal Potential Join the Conversation
  • About Us
    Nutritionist’s should always eat perfectly ... Hairdressers should always have good hair days... Financial planners should never have money problems... Educators should never have kids with learning challenges... You get the idea These are the expectations for professionals in their chosen field. I’m sure you can think of something that fits your career or lifestyle as well. But this is just not reality The standard holds us high and we feel like failures if we have challenges or struggle. We save face and pretend that we are all put together. Let me drop a truth bomb -- We are human – News flash We aren’t perfect, and I’m okay with that. As Wellness Coach, I fall off the wagon, I eat cookies, miss workouts and burn out. If I never had my own challenges, I would never be able to relate to my clients. I would never know what it feels like to gain weight, eat emotionally, or reach my goals after overcoming some pretty big-to-me mental barriers. I want you to know I got you. Mess and all. Because I’ve been there. I have felt the pain of what you may be going through. I have felt the internal struggle, And it is BECAUSE I have been there and am not perfect, I am a better coach for it. Are you ready? Ready to STOP giving up on yourself! I help moms in their 40's who feel overwhelmed and overextended achieve time freedom, balanced energy and elevated finances. Feel your soul's nudge? APPLY HERE We all need support right now. Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Employees, Leaders, Teachers, Preachers and Moms Wellness Quiz Set yourself up for the week ahead. Be sure to download your FREE habit tracker, and be a PART of our on-line community Celebrate Everything group.
  • No Commitment Life Coaching
    Hello Lovely Souls :) How are you all doing this September Friday evening? I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. It's a rare occasion for me.... I have a couple of unplanned hours to get creative, plan and get some work done. Ok, ok you know me well; working on my dream NEVER feels like work :) My Spotify playlist is up nice and loud, the fireplace is on in my office, I have a glass of sparkling wine at my finger tips, and since the guys have gone to play some Flag Football, I can sing (((off key))) as loud as I want. YEAH.... life is full of simple pleasures. So here is a question for you, when you are given the GIFT of TIME do you find yourself lost, or are you able to jump into a favouirate activity or two? Do you even have a favouriate activity? Do you know what to do with your spare time? (((NO house work doesn't count!!!))) Do you know who you are when you are not being a parent or spouse? No? Not really?? Not sure??? No worries, I've got something for you to think about... I offer month to month, no commitment Life Coaching sessions to help you discover who you are again. Whether you want changes in your career, your relationships, your mindset or to enjoy happiness in your day to day life. Every choice is a chance to pursue improvements every day. Let's connect and get started on helping you reach goals, recharge, relax and reshape you body that much sooner. Consider me a Dream Catcher helping you reclaim time, energy and passion while chasing your dreams. Curious? Let's connect Be you & Enjoy your magic, ~ Sonya :) BTW, I would suggest that we connect sooner rather than later, because this playlist is FULL of great songs and I'll be dancing soon. :) Wishing you all of the happiness in the world. Seriously, happiness is so underrated. Once you experience it, you will want more and more.
  • Passion
    I'm a passionate entrepreneur, a part of a beautiful blended family, a busy mom with aging parents ((shhhhh don't tell them, they have NO clue)) and first grand-baby due at the end of April! I am full of life and very grateful for every moment of it, every lesson learned and every memorable experience. Most of you have seen my passion shine through at Small Group Fitness Classes, workshops, at retreats and even through one and one conversations. I want to share my passion with you! Helping you stay connected and become comfortable with your new routine and mindset. Become the BEST version of yourself. Stay grounded in this chaos. Combat your emotional eating. Are you ready? Its time to lock arms and pushing past any imitations or limiting beliefs you have so you can experience a more memorable, fulfilled and passionate life. Kinda here My 2nd podcast Stay safe & healthy. ~ Sonya Wellness Coach at Fresh Approach Fitness...Fueling Dreams & Lives
  • How to Ignite Your Passion
    It's Sonya from Fresh Approach Fitness; I help people reshape their bodies and their lives from the inside out. What a great business to be in! Now that I caught your attention, living your BEST life, and work-life balance likely matters to you too, which is why I believe you would be interested our Wellness & Wellbeing Solutions ....increasing your energy, and confidence as you move in the right direction. Coaching helps you discover your inner passions and purposes and to move forward towards your preferred future. What makes us different? ...our training styles, our accessibility and our results! Some of the services include: Personal Training * Health Eating & Weight Loss * Work-Life Balance * Finding Your Bliss * Financial Freedom * Vision Board * Small Group Fitness Class * On-line coaching *Workplace Wellness Excited to learn more? Book a free consultation to find the best path that suits yours needs. I look forward leaning more about some of your main challenges and wins, when it comes to Health/Fitness/Life goals. Health & Happiness benefits us all. ~ Until next time, cheers Sonya Certified in... Strong By Zumba / Bootcamp / Personal Training / Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Take a minute to complete a survey -
  • What are the Health Benefits of Physical Activity
    Physical activity provides many benefits that can have an effect on long-term health. Every movement you do makes a BIG difference to your mental health, physical health, and overall wellness. The following are some of the benefits of regular physical activity: Reduces the risk of premature death. Active people live longer and have better quality of life. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by strengthening the heart, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. Decreases resting heart rate, which reduces daily wear and tear on the cardiovascular system. Normalizes resting blood pressure, which lessens the stress on the walls of the veins and arteries in the vascular system and reduces the risk of a coronary event or stroke. Improves heart efficiency, which allows a person to perform activities of daily life (ADLs) at higher intensity with greater ease. Decreases body fat, which has been shown to reduce the risk of major life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol and decreases LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Lowers the risk of developing diabetes by keeping body fat in control, increasing cellular sensitivity to insulin, and helping to regulate blood sugar levels. I’ve identified only the direct health benefits of adding more movement into you life. Just image a life with fewer of these concerns....Being healthy means LOVING yourself more – health is the best gift you can give yourself (((increased energy, happiness, weight loss and more confidence is all an added bonus.))) Thanks for chiming in. Stay tuned for our next newsletter...we’ll be rolling out a 12 week series encompassing overall wellness, nutrition, and fitness shortly :) As always... if I can help you reach your athletic/ health/ wellness goals in 2019 feel free to reach out to me for Online coaching/ Nutrition Coaching/ Fitness Plans or to learn more about the Small Group Fitness Classes. Until next time- Chase your passion through fitness, Sonya
  • Exercises and Hormones
    Physical activity affects our bodies in big and small away – even at the chemical level. Exercising can affect hormone levels, which in tune changes the way our bodies deal with stress, regulate insulin levels and even cancer risk: Does Exercising Affect Your Hormones? You Might Feel These 8 Changes When we think of exercising, we tend to think of the benefits for mood and energy, as well as our physical health. But exercise can have an even more subtle effect on our bodies. And I'm talking about on the chemical level: There are a number of ways working out can affect your hormones, and this can influence all parts of how your body functions, including how your body handles stress, regulates insulin, your sex drive, and even your risk of breast cancer. "How you exercise affects your hormones, both positively and negatively," gynecologist Sara Gottfried, MD, author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet, tells Bustle. "When we exercise, we tend to think more is better, so we exercise harder, longer, and more intensely. But actually, exercise has a U-shaped association, meaning that moderate amounts are optimal, but low or high levels can be harmful." Given that exercise can affect so much of what goes on with your body's hormones, it makes sense why working out is important for balancing out the body in all aspects, including your mental health, your energy levels, your sleep, and more. Here are eight ways your workout can have an effect on your hormones. It Increases Endorphins It Regulates Estrogen It Regulates Cortisol It Improves Insulin Sensitivity It Stimulates Production Of Testosterone It Stimulates Human Growth Hormone (HGH) It Increases Irisin It Increases Adiponectin You might not realize it, but your daily workouts can have a profound effect on regulating your hormones that help your body function in all areas. Just another benefit of getting those steps in. Thanks for chiming in and stay tuned for our next newsletter J Until next time - Chase your passion through fitness,
  • Healthy Happy Employees
    Happy employees are healthier and more productive – so don’t overlook the importance of wellness & employee engagement in the workplace. While most people, generally, would rather spend time with their friends and family than be at work, there’s no need for work days to be all doom and gloom. Investing time and effort into making your workplace a more enjoyable place to be can have tangible positive benefits for employees, teams, and your organization. Here are some reasons why Employee Engagement , such as on-site fitness/ wellness/ nutrition programs should be part of your HR strategy. ✔️Happy employees are healthier ✔️Absence and absenteeism is a significant problem. With 10- 20 sick days allowed per year, many people take that time off, and more, to deal with headaches, stress, illness, even short term disability. ✔️Content employees who have fun at work are more likely to avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety and have even been shown to have a lower heart rate variability with is associated with a risk of disease. ✔️Health effects happiness, which is a direct result of endorphins being released from exercising, has on your workforce will also help to reduce absence costs and reduce employees coming to work despite illness, injury, anxiety, etc., often resulting in reduced productivity. If your employees are generally healthier as a result of the increased employee engagement including fun they’re having in the office, then they’ll take less time off due to sickness. Health & Happiness benefit us all. Be the innovators in your industry with healthy, happy and productive employees! Book your free consultation to learn more about Employee Engagement through the #workplacewellness programs. Save money on cost of hiring by increasing employee retention.
  • Find The Time
    5 Tips to get you moving (even if you don’t have time) If you think you don’t have time to work out think again! The truth is, being active doesn’t require hours to spare. Get moving – without running out of time – with these practical pointers. Split your sessions. If you don’t have time for the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day, do 2-15 minute sessions or 3-10 minute sessions. It will be just as good for you, and much easier to work around your busy schedule. Walk. Try to walk to your destination whenever you can. If you can’t make it all the way on foot, get off the bus or the subway a few stops early. At work, fit more steps into your day by going to see your colleagues instead of calling them, heading outside during the day breaks and try parking at the far end of the lot. Avoid elevators and escalators. Taking the stairs isn’t that much more time consuming than waiting for the elevator. It is also faster than standing on the escalator, and it’s great for your cardio. Replace your exercise chair with an exercise ball. Tone your muscles while you work! You can do the same at home while your watch TV, too. Try express training. From jumping rope to hula hooping, there are plenty of exercises you can do in just a few minutes to increase your energy and improve your cardio endurance. Consider this: driving twenty minutes back and for to the gym or pool is a waste when you are short on time. Exercise at home, at work or anywhere in-between. LEARN more about out Fusion 15! Fitness Program

Your Story Matters: A Self-Love, Self-Awareness Workbook Kindle Edition

by Sonya Janisse 


Something amazing happens when women learn to find and nurture their gifts and strengths and begin to heal their lives. Whether you’re recovering from a distorted body image, leaving an unhealthy relationship, or simply deciding to put yourself first, this book provides helpful tools and exercises for creating a life filled with meaning and purpose. Through the use of affirmations and mantras, step-by-step practices, exercises, and thought-provoking prompts, this workbook encourages movement toward greater self-love.

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