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Meet Sonya

Your Transformation begins now. 

Hey there, I’m Sonya
I’m so excited that our paths have crossed

I’m a firm believer that everyone and everything comes into our lives for a reason. I can’t wait to learn more about you and begin growing together!

Sonya is the founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) at Fresh Approach Fitness, a Wellness company, and your accountability coach! She is also an adventurous soul, a social seller,  a proud momma of three lovely daughters, a grandma, a daughter, a step-mom of two, and an amazing girlfriend.


Life is about thriving and not just surviving.

Healthy Food



Friends Working Out




“I am the energy I want to Attract.”
~Unknown Author

Sonya transformed her life from following the norm to designing it the way she wanted. Went from surviving to thriving, busy but balanced, to learning how to pause, pivot, and proceed over the last 3 decades. Described as refreshing, fun, light-hearted, a ray of sunshine, encouraging, friendly, inspiring, playful, spirited, vibrant, and tenacious. She started her journey in search of her own smiling reflection.

We have to stop pretending that change is all about skill sets. It’s not. It’s about mindset.

As Sonya began working within the Social Selling field and the natural wellness community, she realized that people kept asking the same questions, and the answers they were getting were only half-true, or flat-out wrong. 


What we need to realize is that in order to go from unbearable to unstoppable, change starts with mindset and leads to inspired action.

We have to stop pretending that change is all about skill sets. It’s not. It’s about mindset and learning how to keep your promises to yourself.

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